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Read this part oy your penfriend's letter, and write a reply (150-200 words). Try to answer all his questions.

My new school's great. We study hard, but the teachers are cool, and we learn a lot. So, what's your school like? Who's your favourite teacher? What's he or she like? What's your typical school day? Have you got a lot of free time? What activities do teenagers do in your town? What are your favourite activities? What dio you usually do at weekends?

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Tarea para primero de secundaria. Miércoles 17 de septiembre.

Todas estas actividades son con la finalidad de practicar en casa lo que se ha visto en la clase.
Contestar en casa
Do the exercises on the simple present of the verb to be
Principio del formulario
Fill in the blanks with the right subject / personal pronouns (I, you, he, she, it, we, they):
1.   Angelina Joli is American. __________ isn't French.
2.   Brad Pitt is American, too. ________isn't German.
3.   Brad and Angelina aren't French. _______  are American.
4.   My friend and I are high school students. ______  aren't primary school students.
5.   The Statue of Liberty is in New York. ______ isn't in Washington.
Fill in the blanks with the right form of to be ( am, are or is):
1.   _______ you the new student?
2.   Yes, I _______.
3.   Leila and Nancy ______ students.
4.   Nancy ____  Australian .
5.   My sister and I _______ students.
6.   The girls ______   tired.
7.   These women ______ beautiful.
8.   The tea ______ delicious.
9.   Nadia and Leila ______ friends.
10. The newspaper _______ cheap.
Choose the correct answer (negative or affirmative form of to be):
1.   Is Julia Robert French? No, she _______   French.
2.   What about Robert de Nero? Is he an American actor? Yes, he ________.
3.   Are New York and Los Angeles Spanish Cities? No, they ________ Spanish cities.
4.   Is Big Ben in Paris? No, it ________ in Paris.

5.   Is Mount Everest in Africa? No, it _________ in Africa. It is in Asia. 

Dar click en el link, imprimir las actividades y después contestar. Pegarlo en la libreta.


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First grade. Homework for Friday, Sept 12.

Imprimir o copiar en una hoja. No contestar.

Circle the correct word.
1 My penfriend is from Poland. He’s /His great.
2. My teacher is British. Her / She name’s Anna.
3. They / Their aren’t at home now..
4. My favourite music is heavy metal. It’s / Its great!
5. We / Our teacher is from Rome.
6. My penfriend is from French / France
7. Gabriela is in England / English
8. Is your teacher Poland / Polish

Complete the dialogue with an appropriate word.

Andy: Hello, I’m your new teacher.
Pedro: ___________________ your name?
Andy: My name’s Andy.
Julia: _____________ you England?
Andy: No, I ______________. I’m from Perth.
           __________’s a city in Australia. My wife _________ English.
Pedro: What’s ___________ name?
Andy: Fiona. She’s _________ doctor.
          What ___________ your names?
Pedro: My name’s Pedro….
Julia: And my name’s Julia.
Andy: ___________ are you from?
Julia: _________ ‘re from Rosario.
          ________ Argentina.
Andy: And how old _______ you?
Pedro: I _______ fifteen and Julia ________ sixteen.
Julia:  Pedro is _______ brother.

viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2014

First grade. For Monday, September 8.

No contestar los ejercicios. Sólo imprimir.   Bonito fin de semana