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Temarios 4º Bimestre

First ad Second Grade.

- Comparatives
- Superlatives
- As... As
- Vocabulary: Clothes


- Will
- Be going to
- Present Continuous (arrangements)
- Present simple (timetable / schedule)
- Vocabulary: Life choices

Examen: 9 de abril.
Los temarios los tienen los alumnos desde el 5 de febrero.

Third grade

Should have done / ought to have...
Reported Speech
Vocabulary: Crime and punishment
Passive voice
Vocabulary: Social Problems
Social problems

Examen: 9 de abril
Los temarios los tiene los alumnos desde el 5 de febrero.

viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

First and second grade. Print or copy. Do not answer. For Tuesday March 4

1. Choose the most appropriate option (comparative or superlative adjective) to complete the sentences below.
a) Djokovic is __________(young) than Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer.
b) Roger Federer is __________(old) of the three.
c) Rafa Nadal has got _________(many) titles than Djokovic.
d) Djokovic is __________(tall) but than Nadal.
e) Nadal's hair is _________(long) and _________(wavy) than Djokovic's hair.
 f) Federer is __________(tall) and (heavy) Nadal.
g) Nadal is ___________(strong) of them.
h) Djokovic is ___________(light)
i) Nadal's skin is __________(dark) than Djokovic's skin.
j) Djokovic's face is ___________(narrow) of the three.
k) Djokovic's family is ___________(big).
l) Federer's nose is __________(wide).
m) Djokovic's hair is _________(short).
n) Federer speaks __________(many) languages than Nadal and Djokovic.
o) Rafa Nadal is ___________(good) clay court player of all time.

Fill in the gaps with the comparative form of the adjectives given.
1. A rock is_________ than a leaf. (heavy)
2. Our house is_________ than yours. (big)
3. The princess is ________ than the witch. (beautiful)
4. Tom is a student__________ than Mary. (good)
5. Bicycles are__________ than motorbikes. (safe)
6. July is ____________than January. (hot)
7. A lion is ___________ than a cat. (dangerous)
8. Helen is____________ than Mary. (happy)
9. Computers are ______________ than telephones. (expensive)
10. I think golf is ___________ than football. (boring)

Fill in the gaps with the superlative form of the adjectives given.
1. It is the _________shop in town. (large)
2. Monday is the _________ day of the week. (bad)
3. Ben was the __________ person in his family. (noisy)
4. Sam is the _____________ in the class. (popular)
5. Which is the ____________ subject at school? (difficult)
6. Jim is the ____________ player in the football team. (good)
7. Elephants are the_____________ animals. (heavy)
8. Let's pick the apple of the ___________ tree. (big)
9. Mary is the ___________girl in the class. (thin)
10. That is the _____________sofa in our house. (comfortable)

Fill in the gaps with the comparative or the superlative form of the adjectives given.
1. This armchair is_______________ than the old one. (comfortable)
2. Trains are ____________than aeroplanes. (slow)
3. I bought the _____________ souvenir I could afford. (expensive)
4. In this classroom there are girls ____________than boys. (many)
5. Ann is the ______________ child in the family. (young)
6. That TV set is the ___________ of all. (cheap)
7. You are here ______________than there. (safe)
8. Fifi is______________ than Kate. (pretty)
9. This is the _____________film i have ever seen. (exciting)
10. Tim is ____________ than Peter. (talented)

sábado, 22 de febrero de 2014

Third grade. Tuesday 25 February

Print or copy. Do not answer. Complete the sentences in reported speech. 1. John said, "I love this town." John said _______________________ 2. "Do you like soccer ?" He asked me. He asked me ____________________ 3. "I can't drive a lorry," he said. He said ___________________________ 4. "Be nice to your brother," he said. He asked me ______________________ 5. "Don't be nasty," he said. He urged me _________________________ 6. "Don't waste your money" she said. She told the boys ________________________ 7. "What have you decided to do?" she asked him. She asked him ________________________ 8. "I always wake up early," he said. He said _______________________________ 9. "You should revise your lessons," he said. He advised the students ____________________ 10. "Where were you born?" he asked me. He wanted to know ________________________________ 11. She said, "Go upstairs." → She told me ______________________________ 12. "Close the door behind you," he told me. → He told me ______________________ 13. "Don't be late," he advised us. → He advised us ___________________________ 14. "Stop staring at me," she said. → She told him ____________________________ 15. "Don't be angry with me," he said. → He asked her ___________________________ 16. "Leave me alone," she said. → She told me ______________________________ 17. "Don't drink and drive," she warned us. → She warned us _______________________ 18. "John, stop smoking," she said. → She told John ___________________________ 19. "Don't worry about us," they said. → They told her ___________________________ 20. "Meet me at the cinema." he said. → He asked me ____________________________ 21. I asked Peter, "Why did you tell me that you like horror movies?" I asked Peter ______________________________ 22. He wanted to know, "Are the roads good here in the countryside?" He wanted to know ____________________________ 23. I asked my dad, "Have you ever seen a singing crocodile?" I asked my dad _____________________________________ 24. Peter wanted to know, "Is this a good place for fishing?" Peter wanted to know _________________________________ 25. My girlfriend asked me, "Are you a safe driver?" My girlfriend asked me _____________________________________ 26. Everybody asked me, "Why didn´t you come to school?" Everybody asked me _____________________________________ 27. She asked me, "Do you believe in love at first sight?" She asked me ____________________________________________ 28. He wanted to know, "Who calls at this time of the day?" He wanted to know ____________________________________ 29. He asked me, "Have you seen the thief?" He asked me _________________________________________________

sábado, 8 de febrero de 2014

Third grade (For Monday February 10)

- Illustrate these words

drug-dealing      shoplifter      vandalism      pickpocket         drug dealer       burglar   thief     robber

mugger     murderer      joyriding  

- You will need dictionary for the class.

- Copy the next information, ask your parents to sign it.

Evaluation (4th period)
Exam               30%
Oral exam        20%
Participation    20%
Homework      10%
Attitude           10%
Project             10%

First and second grade


Examen escrito:   30%
Examen oral:        20%
Participaciones:   20%
Tareas:                 10%
Actitudes:             10%
Picture dictionary: 10%


* Personaliza tu propio diccionario
* Incluye todas las palabras de cada categoría
* Orden alfabético en cada categoría
* Ilustra cada palabra, puede ser dibujado, recortado o impreso. (Los recortes pueden ser de  revistas, libros, calendarios,  fotos, etc.)
* Diseña tu propia portada, índice.
* Creatividad, limpieza, orden, a color.
* Cuida la ortografía de cada palabra
* Se entrega el 7 de marzo de 2014 (Sin prorroga)

NOTA: Pueden utilizar material reciclado en la elaboración de su trabajo, no es necesario que compren revistas nuevas o material nuevo, tampoco es necesario que sea impreso.


1. Dress        2. shirt       3. sweatshirt        4. gown        5.  blouse        6. skirt      7. pants       8. trousers     9. sport shirt        10. jeans         11. knit shirt/jersey     12. sweater       13. jacket         14. sport coat/sport jacket        15. suit        16. tie/necktie          17.  uniform          18. T-shirt         19 shorts         20. maternity dress     21.  jumpsuit           22. vest           23. jumper         24.  blazer        25. tunic       26. raincoat      27. coat     28. overall     poncho  


1. long-sleeved shirt;       2. short-sleeved shirt          3. dress shirt;     4. sport shirt
5. polo shirt     6. flannel shirt      7.  Sleeveless shirt        8. Narrow tie    9. Baggy pants   10. V-neck sweater      11. Crew neck        12. Turtle neck   13. Short skirt     14. Long skirt  


1 socks     2 tights    3 pantyhose    4 swimsuit /bathing suit    5 bikini    6 nightshirt    7nightgown   8 pajamas   9. Leotard      10  bra     11 underpants    12 undershirt   13 boxer  14 slippers    15  bathrobe

SHOES AND ACCESSORIES 1 Shoes   2  running shoes  3  boots    4 sandals    5 pumps  6 high heel   7 sneaker  8 boot   9 clog  10 gloves    11 purse/handbag     12 mittens      13 umbrella   14  belt     15 ring      16 necklace    17 earrings   17 bracelet    18 watch   19 pin    20 sunglasses    21 wallet   22 hat   23 baseball cap   24 earmuffs


FABRICS:         cotton    silk    leather    denim     linen     cashmere     nylon    lace    wool

PATTERNS:    solid    print     floral   paisley     checked     plaid    striped     polka dot